“Larry is an incredible writer.  After interviewing me on the phone for 15 minutes, he wrote a blog which expressed everything I wanted to say and more.  I don’t think I could’ve done a better job myself, even if I had spent hours writing it.  Besides, what doctor has the time to write, when you can hire Larry for a reasonable fee?  Content is very important for your digital presence, and using Larry is one of easiest ways to supplement your online presence through his blog content.”

Dr. Brian Machida, MD, Facial Plastic Surgeon


“I have been impressed in our previous correspondence with the depth of insight Larry Rondeau demonstrated in the arena of persuasion/social influence.”

Robert Cialdini, PhD, Social Psychologist, world renowned Influence Expert, Bestselling Author and Presidential Advisor 


“Mr. Rondeau possesses a deep understanding and comprehension of the concepts of social psychology.”

Peter Pociluyko, Lecturer – State University of New York


“Larry is one of the most capable individuals that I have ever had the pleasure of working with at The Allied Group…He is tremendously creative as a problem solver and as an innovator.  Our role with clients is one where we are tasked to find creative solutions.  Nobody does it better than Larry.”

Robert Clement, President at The Allied Group (Letter of Recommendation available on request)


“Larry’s loyalty, dedication and persistence are simply traits you cannot teach. Additionally, his desire and unique ability to continually come up with new ideas and solutions have proven to be very valuable.

[A] University was struggling to enroll accepted students at an industry standard rate. Larry’s innovative solution was a multi-channel approach that included unique methodology combining psychology, technology and design to deliver individualized communication to accepted students in print and digital form. The Allied Yield program, conceptualized by Larry, resulted in over $500,000 of year-one incremental revenue and a projected $1.8 million dollars of revenue over 4 years for this University.”

David Speakman, Marketing Director at The Allied Group (Letter of Recommendation available on request)


“I had the pleasure of working with Larry Rondeau for about a year. During that time, I was repeatedly impressed with his vast experience and knowledge base regarding effective marketing strategies. Although our focus was on cosmetic surgery, Mr. Rondeau understood how to apply time-tested psychological principles used successfully in similar business models accordingly. His proposals were always based on sound scientific studies (which he typically referenced as support for his recommendations) that when properly applied, actually worked. That’s not a “let’s try it and see” marketing campaign, but really more of a we absolutely “expect good ROI” marketing.

Larry is an excellent writer, having a great ability to communicate effectively and productively with both management (in our case, the physicians involved) and their customers. Rondeau Resources can provide a variety of excellent marketing directed services, but at the heart is Mr. Rondeau, who sees a successful increase in business as a source of personal satisfaction and pride. And a validation of sorts as well, for a very thoughtful, research/literature based approach to improving the bottom line for any business, along with a very personable, personal touch.”

Lyle M. Back, M.D., F.A.C.S., Facial Plastic Surgeon