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The Psychology of Patient Referrals – Part Two

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Every experienced businessperson and facial plastic surgeon can tell you:  personal referrals are crucial for growing your business.  Facial plastic surgery practice marketing is certainly easier if you have a good patient referral program.  This is not something that can be left to chance.  It’s too important.  Marketing strategies that include outbound (broadcast or print) […]

Can Food Fight Wrinkles and Aging Skin?

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By Dr. Brian Machida with Larry Rondeau Editor’s Note:  Dr. Brian Machida of Ontario, California, is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon. He has an exceptional level of experience, having performed more than 5,000 facial rejuvenation procedures in his career. No one wants to look old. Yet, our faces and necks inevitably reveal our […]

How to Avoid a Bad Facelift

By Dr. Carlos Farias with Larry Rondeau Editor’s Note:  Dr. Carlos Farias is one of America’s most experienced plastic surgeons in face and neck rejuvenation procedures.  He has performed over 6,000 facelifts in his career.  As a Medical Director for a busy national plastic surgery practice, Dr. Farias trained and supervised facial plastic surgeons throughout […]

Could Improving your Nose Improve your Life?

By Dr. Brian Machida, MD, FACS with Larry Rondeau Research confirms what many have noticed:  Good-looking people enjoy a lot of advantages.  One recent study found that those whose attractiveness was rated lower than average were also considered less intelligent, competent and socially adept.  The consequences of this can really hurt. The nose is the […]