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How Budweiser’s Classic Super Bowl Commercials Can Help Your Small Business Today

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Budweiser Clydesdales, St. Louis, Missouri, By Prayitno via Wikimedia Commons

In tough economic times, bringing in more first-time buyers and keeping more customers is mission critical, especially for small business.  Super Bowl commercials can really help – if you understand them.  These are the best – and most expensive – commercials on television.  Since they cost so much, big companies and top ad agencies work […]

Always Ask for a Raise over Lunch

By Larry Rondeau Being in the right circumstances can make a big difference when asking your boss for a salary increase or presenting a case to a client.  Extensive research, since Pavlov’s dogs, reveals how a person’s positive or negative experience with one thing can rub off on anything associated with it.  Thus, weathermen get […]

Effective Ways to Control Anger In and Out of the Office

By Larry Rondeau, Managing Editor, LookYounger.News Ours could be called the Age of Anger.  People everywhere are expressing rage – from social media rants to office tirades to road rage to unprovoked shootings. When people are rightly dissatisfied with present conditions or have legitimate complaints, they feel emotions ranging from irritation to ire.  Properly controlled […]