About Us

Rondeau Resources, LLC is the brainchild of its Principal, Larry Rondeau.

Larry is a content marketer, writer, marketing psychology consultant and sales trainer who has achieved outstanding results in each of these fields.

  • As Publisher and Managing Editor of LookYounger.News he has expanded its audience 4000%, now including readers in 91 countries.
  • As Senior Director of Research and Content Development at The Allied Group in Providence, RI he drove 50% or more of Allied’s web traffic.  Business readers came in droves to read his Marketing Psychology and Business blogs.
  • As Allied’s Senior Director of Research and Business Development, Larry crafted three marketing programs that achieved an astounding ROI of 16.5 to 1.  Clients invested $30,000 in these marketing programs and realized an additional $500,000 in additional revenue in the same year, directly from those campaigns.  Larry’s team at The Allied Group won a national award for the first marketing program he conceptualized, helping the University of Hartford set an institution record for freshman tuition deposits.
  • Earlier at Allied, when he served as a Senior Client Manager, Larry turned a $100,000 sales portfolio into $1.75 million in annual sales.
  • Later, as Sales and Marketing Consultant at Lifestyle Lift (then the nation’s largest facial plastic surgery practice) Larry devised new psychology-based sales strategies.  Salespeople who used them improved their sales closing ratios as much as 83%.
  • Larry wrote and edited Lifestyle Lift’s Expert’s Blog, working closely with some of the nation’s most experienced facial plastic surgeons.

Larry Rondeau was mentored by internationally renowned influence expert and bestselling author Dr. Robert Cialdini after he attended Dr. Cialdini’s Principals of Persuasion executive seminar in 2007. Dr. Cialdini is best known for his classic, Influence: Science and Practice (one of Warren Buffet’s favorite books), for training the Prime Minister of Great Britain and for helping U.S. President Barack Obama win re-election in a hotly contested race in 2012.

SUNY awarded Larry 16 credits, a full semester, for what he learned through Dr. Cialdini.  Larry finished his specialized Marketing Psychology degree at SUNY with a 4.0 GPA.  He begain his education at Boston University’s College of Communication, where he trained under longtime LOOK Magazine editor Tim Cohane.

Larry also has a Pharmaceutical industry certification and HIPAA certification.  He has written over 50 articles on plastic surgery, general surgery, positive psychology and social psychology.

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