Month: February 2018

Marketing Strategies Everyone Who Runs a Business Needs to Know – and May Not – Part One

marketing strategies, business success, facial plastic surgery practice

Some businesspeople  – retailers, B2B service providers, lawyers and facial plastic surgeons – seem to have it made.  Their businesses keep humming along.  Their happy clients provide business or patient referrals, so they keep generating income even during traditionally slow periods.  Their staff works well as a team.  Everyone seems happy.  What do they know […]

The Psychology of Patient Referrals – Part Two

patient referrals, increasing patient referrals, generating patient referrals, psychology-based marketing, article writing

Every experienced businessperson and facial plastic surgeon can tell you:  personal referrals are crucial for growing your business.  Facial plastic surgery practice marketing is certainly easier if you have a good patient referral program.  This is not something that can be left to chance.  It’s too important.  Marketing strategies that include outbound (broadcast or print) […]